Should you take your smart phone with you on an extreme adventure activity?

An interesting question that many outdoor and extreme adventure sports lovers tend to think? One just can cannot imagine an existence in today’s context without our able digital friends-the ubiquitous smart phones. So what is the best option for you? The answer lies in the new category of smart phones specifically designed to survive the harsh outdoor conditions as well as work exactly like a phone does for us. You can get yourself something like the newly launched IceFox (TM) Thunder Unlocked Rugged outdoor smart phone.

So let us understand some compelling reasons to carry a rugged outdoor smart phone. Well, for one it will be your access point to the world, especially the tracking function ensures that your loved ones back home have an insight into your whereabouts and are not worried as you indulge in extreme sports or activities. Also, this one device doubles up as your camera, heart rate monitor, GPS location guide, personal locator, and of course you can make notes on the way for later. One tends to see people wanting to share real time experiences with people via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. Now you need not carry your assorted devices and actually have a complete experience in one handy gadget-your phone. One more thing, you can make and receive calls too!

While you indulge in your activities in absolute tough to reach destinations, you still can be reachable via these smart phones that work in their many avatars, effectively and easily. The Android 4.3 OS lets you gain access to various Google’s on the go services and apps that you can actually use for multiple reasons. In case of any emergency, you also have access to your mails and other apps that help you stay away and yet be connected if required.

Also, in terms of any active usage, you need not worry about causing damage to your new digital companion as its dustproof, shockproof and water proof, making it a tough survivor amongst the harshest elements. You can go ahead and partake in your favorite lifestyle related activities, while still retaining your peace of mind.


How to add spice up your active lifestyle?

So you are one of those who like to take breaks often and go on adventure driven activities? Are you someone who thrives on thrills offered by indulging in extreme sports, trekking through the wilderness, going up a treacherous trail to get the perfect click? But then, are you also one of those who still likes to make a call from such a location and worry that signal, voice clarity and your expensive smart phone will get damaged while you live through your passion?
Well most of you must have agreed with the thought that leading active lifestyle does come with its disadvantages as one cannot really go along on this path without the fear of losing their expensive and nifty smartphone or damaging it beyond repair. You need not worry anymore because the perfect solution is right here in the form of the latest IceFox (TM) Thunder Unlocked Rugged outdoor smart phone. You can now enjoy digital active times while being in touch with your loved ones or be available for important calls while you still are lost in the wilderness.

So how does this one device add value to you and your active lifestyle?
Firstly, it’s a feature packed smart phone with the Android 4.3 OS, meaning you can use it like you do your normal phone with apps, software as well as many other features. You can go about indulging yourself and be worry free about your smart phone. The rugged form factor is designed to survive amongst the elements and is dustproof, shockproof and water proof. This makes it a perfect companion as you go about exploring new frontiers in the outdoors.

Secondly, it is designed to survive as well as function optimally in these conditions with good voice clarity as well as good signal receiving capacity. You are now never incommunicado, even while you are out there living a full life. The outdoor phone offers you GPS facility so you need not carry other devices making your overall baggage less bulky. Once you have this one device on you, there are multiple things you can do besides making and receiving calls.

So are you all set for your next outdoor adventure already? Be ready to go ahead with confidence as you carry your latest accessory, the rugged outdoor smart phone designed to be your perfect companion.

Why should you use car mount holders?

Cars tend to be our best friends when it comes to commuting to work, or run errands or simply visit people. It is also a way to travel and go on holidays. Mix that with our mobile phones, entertainment oriented apps, navigation apps and the entire world that we carry in our little unassuming handsets or smart devices. We watch movies, have conversations, check mails, and hear about the latest update from our teams and well the list goes on endlessly. They are literally our wireless assistants. Cars need something extra these days and that is the ubiquitous universal car mount holders. These action packed accessories have become a must have to facilitate our lifestyles and ensure that we can keep travelling and get things done while in the comfort of our cars. Let us discuss some key reasons for us to have an universal car mount holder in the first place:
1-Safe driving
Safety and protection is underrated when it comes to driving while using your cellphone in any way. There are strict enforceable traffic rules to avoid accidents and other mishaps so it becomes necessary to adhere to these regulations and not talking while driving. But that is not practical and this is where an universal car mount holder steps in. Once it’s affixed on any kind of surface on the dashboard and other place in the car, you can attach your device or mobile to it and continue accessing it without any fear of affecting your driving.
You can continue using the various entertainment apps on your phone as its lying securely on the car mount holder. You can listen o your music, offer entertainment to your co-passenger without getting disturbed and just enjoy the drive.
A good car mount holder acts as an aid to facilitate communication more comfortably and securely. You can have video-chats, attend webinars, meetings etc. while still on the move. The car mount holder offers 720 degree rotation meaning you can easily navigate and place the phone in a way to capture your comments and hence improve the level of communication. Never feel out of touch anymore.
The above reasons are compelling enough for you to consider in investing in a reputed universal car mount holder at the earliest.

Why do you need universal phone armbands?

Phones and gadgets dictate most of our daily activities and have become an extension of our personalities. The advent of mini MP3 music players, mobile phones with music and high-quality earphones has changed the way we look at motion and commuting or even staying fit today. This trend and change in the way we live a completely digital lifestyle has resulted in the growth of accessories of various kinds to facilitate this life of ours.
One of the most common ones is the universal phone armbands-one of the most user-friendly and useful things ever created. One of the most popular ones to consider is the IceFox Universal Sport armband. Let us highlight some of the popular reasons on why should one go in for a universal phone ra

1-Staying fit
Leading healthy and fit lifestyles is important to almost everyone today. We lead hectic and busy lives and keeping fit mostly involves running, jogging or walking when we can get a chance. One of the most fun ways to indulge in exercise or a happy healthy lifestyle is doing it as you listen to your favorite music. Research has proven that music elevates our mood and hence makes our exercise routine a fun activity and not a tiresome bore.
2-Use while commuting
Step into a metro or a bus or look at the sidewalks around you. You will tend to see many people going about their daily business like commuting to office, school, and generally moving about with a spring in their step. This is due to the energy provided by the music as you navigate your way in your own world and away from the humdrum.
3-Better health function
People tend to speak a lot on their mobile while walking or moving about. One option is to use headphones or hands—free but even then it can be a distraction. A safe way to continue with your conversation while on the move is to fasten an armband on and continue your chat with your mobile securely fastened.
Mobile phones tend to be overused and misused too. You must have noticed that a mobile phone bought anew can get scratches or noticeable damage on the screen due to motion related minor accidents. The best way to keep it secure and protect it from dust and other elements as well as prevent it from being scratched is to put it inside an armband and go about your daily routine peacefully.

Why should you invest in a car mount holder?

Driving is a daily routine activity towards which less attention or importance is given in terms of making it a better experience. It’s more like hop into your car, and get to work or anywhere else-it is a means to an end. Alternatively, there are some who enjoy the thrill of getting behind a wheel and driving long range distance for pleasure or to explore. Both kinds look at driving differently, but one thing is rather constant and remains the same. In this age of smart phones, and special gadgets used for navigation, your drive is incomplete without your mobile phone or your digital device by your side. However, you may view driving; talking or texting while driving is a strict no-no for all the right reasons. You may want to consider one the best ways to ensure that you enjoy a complete hands-free experience with the IceFox Magnetic Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder in terms of safe and smooth driving. Some of the other key reasons on why you should consider getting yourself a good quality, premium universal car mount holder are as follows:
Enhanced driving pleasure
One of the most irritating things about driving is that you may feel cut off from family and friends if you spend a lot of your time commuting. By installing a car mount holder, you can keep in touch, catch up with people and make use of your precious time gainfully. Also, your overall driving pleasure gets enhanced as you are talking and chatting so time passes by quickly and you do not realize the actual amount of time you spent driving.
Stay connected
We live in times of sheer digital dependency and there is a need to be connected to work and other things happening around us. Also, with the advanced apps available, the mobile is more than just a device to stay in touch. You also are connected to weather warnings, alert, and all the latest news and current affairs. Additionally, the navigation and GPS supported apps help you steer your vehicle without much effort, especially in unfamiliar areas.
Ease of use
Car mount holders are simple to operate and provide excellent navigational ease of use. They are made of high quality material and have a magnetic surface on which your devices can be stuck effortlessly. Additionally, they offer good rotational movement for portrait or landscape handling or viewing.
One needs to be safe and secure and yet be able to stay connected via the multiple digital devices we are used to having in our lives. Using a good quality universal car mount holder from a reputed brand is a good investment.

Create unforgettable memories underwater

Today’s generation likes to explore new kinds of recreational activities and spend time doing different things as an extension of their personality and like to pursue unique interests. One of the most popular areas is the discovery of the mysteries of the underwater kind, the beautiful part of our world which is hidden from most of us on a normal basis. There are some world-famous destinations where snorkeling, diving, scuba diving etc. is possible and is courted by many adrenaline junkies who like to pursue different thrills. These activities are not your everyday run of the mill kind so it becomes very important to capture these thrilling moments forever as you go about exploring the belly of the sea or ocean or any other water body. One of the best friends in this journey can be the innovative IceFox Waterproof Helmet Sports UV Camera. Having a waterproof camera with video recording capability ensures that you can create unforgettable memories of your tryst with the underwater world.


One of the best things about an underwater waterproof helmet camera is that it can be worn on your head so you can be hands free and swim or diver freely, taking in the enchanting sights you see. The camera keeps doing its work and when you put in the video mode, the normal high power lens size of 12 megapixels results in capturing entire videos of the underwater life and flora and fauna. You can share these memories with your loved ones, blog about it, create your life movie with it or simply go on looking at these images long after, to relive the moments.

The helmet mounted camera is one of the coolest gadgets to own today, especially if you are keen on adventure or love trying exciting activities on your holidays like scuba diving or snorkeling. One can do so much with the right kind of water resistant gadget like a helmet waterproof camera that also doubles up as a video recorder. You can share your unforgettable experience with everyone for posterity and learn something new each time you decide to explore another different part of the world’s underwater world.

Increase the fun quotient in your exercise as you tune into music

Exercising and keeping fit is a part of our daily lifestyle, which can get a bit hectic, monotonous or boring sometimes. If you like running, walking or jogging outdoors, there are multiple distractions all around us. You come across people talking, shouting and other ambient noises that can take away the fun and the peace which one seeks while spending time with oneself while indulging in this healthy activity. A smart way of getting the best of both is by using IceFox Universal Sports armband. The armband is compact and handy to carry your MP 3 player or any other gadget like your mobile phone which has your music stored inside. You can strap the Velcro strap onto your arm or thigh, wherever you find it comfortable and indulge in your exercise while listening to your favorite music on the go.


There are many studies highlighting the connection between a more relaxed and effective workout while listening to music. Now, you can make it a part of your daily lifestyle and continue towards achieving your fitness goals easily. While the objective of using an armband is primarily to carry your devices or gadgets, some additional pockets are included to carry money, keys or cards to help you remain hands free and yet have your must have belongings.

Most of the armbands available today, are of premium quality and made of safe breathable fabric that is toxin free to be worn on your skin easily and without worry. The additional padding and cushioning inside ensures that the device or music player does not suffer any scratches or damage due to motion or any other climatic factor. The colours are trendy and very attractive complementing your exercise gear perfectly and creating a smart style statement as your burn calories on the run.

Exercising to music makes it a fun activity as well as helps you manage your fitness levels proactively. This combination is easily possible with the effective and highly user-friendly accessory-the sports armband is designed to make your exercise routine more fun, engaging, lively and also give you precious time to yourself.

Stay in shape with universal armbands

Staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of effort and dedication. When you run or exercise, you are also spending time away from the daily stress triggers, giving you the much needed time and space to rediscover yourself away from the daily demands that responsibilities and life makes on you. It’s you and yourself, and perhaps your favorite chart topping number or an old classic melody that takes you back to a peaceful corner within your mind. In these hectic and time draining times, we all need to go away for short bursts of time daily to recharge and revitalize ourselves-while exercising seems to be the best option. One of the best ways of living these moments is by listening to music via your MP3 player or the mobile handset securely carried in the popular IceFox Universal Sport armband which not only secures it but makes it portable music on the go.5

The advantage of selecting a reputed brand helps you to be hassle-free and be at peace with the quality of the materials used and the level of protection provided to your precious gadgets. You need to also have breathable fabric used in the armband as you will be strapping it onto your body and engaging in motion oriented activity. By using the armband you are not only getting to indulge in listening to music on the go but also creating the perfect space to be distressed at an individual level.

One of the perks of listening to music as you engage in exercise routine is directly linked to your overall well-being and result oriented, regular regime which does meet your health goals and objectives. Securing your expensive gadget in a cushioned armband which has more pockets to carry your keys and other important elements like cards or money, ensures that your hands are free to move and stretch. We all are familiar with the benefits of an active lifestyle and leading one with music at your side is always going to make it more satisfying and fulfilling.

As you run or walk with music emitting from your device stored in the compact universal armband which can accommodate most popular handsets or MP3 players, you can be stress-free and enjoy your exercise routine to its maximum potential.

Should you gift car mount holders?

One finds that people are trying to be innovative while thinking of gifting ideas during Christmas and other occasions. One can explore choices revolving around the burgeoning interest in cool and helpful digital accessories that help people be connected while on the move. One such idea is gifting car mount holders as they are a good investment for anyone who wishes to access their smart phones while driving, yet having hands free control on the navigation. Car mount holders are very thoughtful and highly useful gifts to present someone you care about. People are taking longer hours to drive to their workplaces from homes, leading them to spend time on the road, creating a need to remain connected to work as well as with family and friends during this time. You may want to consider gifting one of the most popular one, the IceFox Magnetic Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder.


As you mull over other gifting options, let us understand the reasons why you can consider car mount holders.

Personal- Having a car mount holder for those who self-drive is a personal gift. They would be remembering you almost daily when they drive to work or anywhere else.

Functional-this gift is something that is going to provide much use and has high level of user-friendly features making it a very functional item to have. The car mount holder can be affixed easily on any surface texture in the car and has a universal magnetic feature to enable multiple handset models to be stuck on it. Additionally, it offers a high rotational option which makes it easy for the driver to navigate as he drives with ease and precision.

Promotes safety- driving has its challenges and especially it is unsafe to drive while speaking or texting on your phone. Various traffic laws too require strict adherence in view of encouraging safe driving and minimal road accidents. This is possible now with a car mount holder where the driver can not only indulge in conversations while driving but also be safe while on the road.

Thoughtful idea- when you gift something to a loved one, you want it to be highly thoughtful which will delight and make the recipient very happy. The person receiving a car mount holder from you will cherish the thought and the care behind it for a long time to come.

It is for the above reasons that gifting car mount holders is a good option.

Why do universal armbands make great gifts?

Buying gifts for your loved ones and professional associates is something we can sometimes struggle with. We need to ensure that it’s something trendy, functional, and useful which delights the recipient in every way. Most people around us are fond of new gadgets like the latest mobile phones, or MP3 players. One of the best things to get someone is the exciting range of Universal Sport Armbands that are available in trendy colors. One can use these smart and compact armbands, to hold their belongings and their music device or mobile phone as they indulge in some form of exercise like running, jogging or walking. They can listen to music on the go and remember you as well while they are at it. Let us look at some compelling reasons on why they make for smart and thoughtful gifts.



These armbands are highly useful and functional when used on a daily basis. You can carry them everywhere, even when you travel and want to still spend time on your daily exercise routine. They are compact, durable and very efficient to use. Also, they do a great job of making life easier for you as you lead an active lifestyle, with your gadget right beside you.

Adequate protection

Your devices need to be safeguarded while you move or run. These armbands secure your devices with soft padding and cushion inside to prevent any damage to your mobile or MP3 player, while you run or jog. As they come with high quality Velcro straps, you can fasten it around your arms and get going in minutes.


We all like our gifts to be a part of the loves of our loved ones for a long time. These armbands are highly durable and will withstand long term daily usage without mush wear and tear.


While the primary use revolves around carrying your devices, they also have some additional compartments that can be used to store your cards, money or keys. This makes them very user-friendly and highly functional things to have.


The range of armbands can accommodate most of the popular handset models and MP3 music players easily. Also, the Velcro strap makes it possible to fit onto the arms without much effort and the wearer feels comfortable in it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get a few of these armbands and gift it to people you care about and contribute to their healthy lifestyle.